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Thus, ANU-3546 refers to sample 3546 measured at the Radiocarbon Laboratory at the Australian National University, for example.

For a list of current radiocarbon laboratories and Lab code numbers, click here. Any radiocarbon age which possesses a reservoir correction should be termed a Reservoir Corrected age and this age should be given in addition to the Conventional Radiocarbon Age.

The journal Radiocarbon was begun in 1958, its main function being the publication of radiocarbon date compilations produced by the world's laboratories.

Today, there are many laboratories and few publish comprehensive lists of results, there are far too many dates being calculated for this to be achieved.

These may be involved with uncertain reservoir corrections, especially for shell dates, corrections for isotopic fractionation and failure to specify whether the old or new half-life was used.

Let's say that you have considered all of the potential dating and sampling issues. Any calibration curve supplied will be converted to this format and put in the appropriate directory. However note that re-installing Bchron will likely over-write previously created calibration curves so you should make sure to store the code used to create it.Our statisticians helped produce the radiocarbon calibration curves Int Cal04, Int Cal09 and, most recently, Int Cal13.If one expects to read values directly from a hand-plotted graph, it is generally drawn as large as possible, usually a full page in the notebook.If one uses a regression analysis to obtain an equation, and calculates results with it, the calculated values should be expressed to the same degree of accuracy (significant figures) as the data used in the plot, unless there is excessive scatter in the data.

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