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So if you're into punching during sex, don't have sex with Julieanne, but maybe ask her for a referral. Marnell, who I can best describe as a human genius Bratz doll, digitally carved her initials into the internet when she started blogging about beauty and drugs for xo Jane in 2011, and then later, Vice.I was an abusive, manipulative, entitled asshole who worked one thousand times less than everyone else, collected salary without coming into the office, was high on PCP Sounds like that’s all water under the bridge, though.“Cat and I have stayed friends and have always wanted to work together again.I’m thrilled that she is in such a good place now and that we have a chance to work together again under better circumstances.He insisted that he would appoint pro-life judges to the Supreme Court, with the eventual hope that Roe v.Wade would be overturned so that abortion rights would revert to being decided by individual states.

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He expressed a desire during the Republican primaries to defund Planned Parenthood.

I’m relieved that the weather is unseasonably warm on the day I meet Cat Marnell, because it means I can wear my vintage fake-leopard jacket and not my North Face Brooklyn Mom sleeping-bag coat.

From reading her new memoir, with its Bret Easton Ellis–style litanies of labels, I know that Marnell notices the details of other people’s hair and skin and clothing, down to the perfume they’re wearing.

Starting in 2011, Cat Marnell worked as the beauty and health director at xo Jane, where she quickly made a name for herself by writing candidly about her drug addiction (see: “Gonna Wash That Angel Dust Right Outta My Hair”).

In 2012, she tried a stint in rehab, reportedly at the request of Say Media, xo Jane’s then-owner.

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