Dating a married woman with kids

I have been dating a married woman for seven months.

We are together continously such as during lunch at work, after work until 8 or 10pm at night and on the weekends.

Some guys may not admit publicly that they are highly unlikely to marry a woman with a child (not everyone is Joseph who married a pregnant Mary) even though they may have a child themselves. Now, before you chew my head off, I know that there are some guys who have married women who have children with another man - sometimes women with children not from just one man. The ego wants what it wants in whatever way it wants it. But this raises a fundamental issue in our society.

Interestingly, women will marry a guy with as many children from as different women as Steve Hofmeyr. First of all, you have the issue of children growing up without fathers because they are unwilling to take responsibility for the children they were very actively involved in making. Men and women must stop thinking about temporary pleasure.

I’m 34 years old and I’m in a secret relationship with a married woman. At the beginning, sex was great – she told me she really fancied me and that she would divorce her husband.

Now we’re not seeing each other as frequently and I miss her. Love is an addiction and bad love – jealous, illicit, hopeless love – is like being hooked on something nasty.

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Within 60 days of separating, he was in a pretty serious new relationship.Women are more likely to have no problem with marrying a guy with a child than guys.) A week or so ago, I asked the following question on my Facebook status: “How do you ladies feel about the fact that most guys won't marry a woman with another man's child? The real issue here is not the woman with children out of wedlock, the issue is the men who leave them after making them pregnant. We know what it’s like to be raised by a single mother.” I did not anticipate the debate that would go on the page. Funny enough, this has nothing to do with the child in most instances. Then when it comes to the abortion issue, women are the ones who get the side-eye for going to abortion clinics when there were two parties involved. A lot of guys would consider marrying one because the woman won’t have “two” men in her life to deal with. Let us not do unto children what was done to some of us. Since women are the ones who are often left with the burden of responsibility, I think that women should be extra vigilant about who gets into her pants with no rubber.- Follow Khaya on Twitter.‘Getting involved in other people’s relationships is risky.You have been performing a service for your lover by giving her a distraction from her marriage but it appears her promises to be with you are not being followed through.

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