Dating services for active people

Register for to find a new love or friendship; someone into walking, skiing or mountaineering; climbing, scrambling and mountain biking; or maybe you are a water person with sailing and canoeing as your main interest.

Adventures with a like minded person are just around the corner.

Once that’s done, all profiles are verified for authenticity.

This might slow things down slightly, but it means that this...

First, create a profile that tells the world about your favorite fitness activities, why you love to maintain an active lifestyle and what you’re looking for in your activity partners.

Next, post some photos, especially ones that highlight your fitness passion.

To send or receive safe and secure messages you will need to Log in.

Whatever an active lifestyle means to you, Fitness Singles is the world’s largest online dating community for sports and fitness enthusiasts.

That is often the question for busy professionals who find it basically impossible to squeeze in both: You either head to the gym to focus on yourself, or saddle up to the bar to flirt during happy hour.

Welcome to our reviews of the Best Fitness Dating Websites of 2017.

Start searching summary profiles now with our easy-to-use Search function above to help you find people with similar outdoor interests, or use our handy Map function to help you to find people who live nearby.

Take a look at our Forum and Invitations pages for up-to-date postings by Members.

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