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i just picked up this 1911 springfield GI used for 5.i had a few questions for those who have knowledge on the model in question.Sprinfield Armory manufactures a range of custom pistols that are handmade to exacting standards and are sold under the "Sprinfield Custom" marquee.The flagship pistol in this range is the Springfield Custom Professional 1911-A1, which is essentially the handmade and tuned equivalent of Springfield Armory TRP. I've learned that the NM serial number fetches a little more $ due to being made entirely in the US. Any advise would be appreciated for a fair selling price. I had my smith work on the trigger back in the day so it's pretty crisp at about 4lbs.He also polished the ramp and I recently installed new Wilson springs.Round count is around 5-600, never really used it much, been a HD gun because it's very reliable. I have the original plastic grips around here somewhere.Has the old blue and white box with all the paperwork and cleaning brush.

The most obvious is that it has a flat mainspring housing. I’m not ready to blame that totally on the gun yet. I did the “magazine from hell” test (running every weird old magazine in my collection through it for reliability testing) and it only had one problem – a no-name Chinese knock-off magazine failed to lock back on the last round. I don’t usually get hammer bite with M1911A1’s but this one sure did.

Today's Mil-Spec are all NM at around 0 (high), less if you shop/sales around. Sights, trigger job, polish, and spring, on a Springfield wound be a wash for me in this case. __________________ "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government." "No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms" -- Thomas Jefferson It is true.

One thing unique about the older ones are the carbon steel barrel and bushing, as Springfield changed them both to a stainless finish on all their production 1911's currently. NM @ the beginning of serial means its born in American .

(Go here to get a complete description of the Series 70 Colt.) Kimber had taken to adding these “improvements” with an external extractor and a Swartz-type firing pin block, but the Marines rang their bells when they ordered a batch of 1911’s from Kimber, but specified that they should have no firing pin blocks or full length guide rods, and they should have internal extractors – in other words, they should be real M1911’s and not the lawyer friendly crap that has developed recently.

So, even though my Colt/Kimber/Springfield snobbery was blazing bright, there was some serious sympathy for an outfit that is still willing to build a true M1911A1, and RIA (actually Armscor of the Philippines through their subsidiary, Twin Pines) is doing that.

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