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It is also well known for its highest standards of democracy, politics, education and media.Estonian is the official language spoken in the republic.

The older birds' plumage is various shades of brown; young birds are more or less covered with light spots with legs feathered to the toes.Despite of its meager population, it still doesn't lack in diversity as there are around 110 different languages spoken in this country.The national day of Estonia is celebrated every year on 24th February. Heck, I know she sleeps a lot, but not moving at all? Tried to read you comment to my husband and couldn't even read it for like 5 minutes I was laughing so hard. I have this vision of Chip spinning nonstop now.... I may be falling down the same rabbit hole as the rest who watch here, but it seems Chip hasn't moved at all for the last 5 hours since I went to bed and got up.

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