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There is good evolutionary reason for us doing this – and there’s nothing wrong with becoming needy and fearful when he pulls away, you just need to be aware that it can strip value from the relationship bank. (Click to download my “Goddess Report”) It causes women stress when a man pulls away, but from a man’s perspective – if he doesn’t pull away now, then his own stress levels will go through the roof.Every time you respond in fear; there’s a chance that you’re stripping value from your man and from the relationship. Why does it cause women stress when a man pulls away?The web is not a cool and safe place as everybody expect it seems to be.Men will withdraw from the relationship; they pull away. When a man is in love – he can usually probably spend more time with you before he needs to pull away; but each man and each moment is different.When he pulls away, or withdraws from the relationship, is the exact time that you get your ‘make-or break’ moment and get to show your high value.I only say this because most of us (myself included) respond with fear and neediness when he pulls away. You no longer feel like that princess that he once treated you as.The sky truly could be the restrict in terms of what you are inclined to complete and you will find a myriad of things which you are able to do to focus your titillating encounter of getting intercourse on Skype.

When it comes to men having a relationship with you, usually, they are either going deeper in to the relationship with you; or they’re moving away; to do things that meet their own needs at a high level.

Only yesterday, a court heard how a group of women using were allegedly conned out of £220,000 by a gang posing as ‘attractive middle-aged men’.

One woman, Suzanne Hardman, was reduced to tears as she recounted how ‘James Richards’ conned her out of £170,000 – her life savings. And there are ways we can all be tricked - even those who think they're clued up about online dating.

My friends tell stories of guys who ended up already having girlfriends, and - the most common - those who promise relationships, but leave after just one night.

1) He calls you ‘baby’ If you meet someone online and within a few messages they’re telling you how much you mean to them, and how they love you to bits: stay away.

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