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This was because I have started work this year and I could not find enough time to do translations and even on Weekend, it is hard to find the same motivation as I used to have.

This really saddens me and closing this community is even more sad, that's why I decided not to let this go just yet.

At the end of this special episode, Night is last seen telling Namikiri to erase him from this world and shedding tears.

Riiko at last, returns to Soshi's side and their marriage goes on, but not shown on screen.

Joining him are Kiritani Mirei as Takahashi Ritsuko, Hayami Mokomichi as Tamamo Kyosuke, Yamamoto Mizuki as Hazuki Izuna, and Takahashi Hideki as Jiku Mugenkai. Makoto is a kind-hearted student who believes in UFO and monsters and have a deep knowledge in paranormal realm.

On working with Maruyama, Chinen mentions he hopes to study and learn gags from him.

If there’s one thing you need to know about Japanese actor Mocomichi Hayami, it’s that he’s very tall. The 32-year-old started cooking at a young age and has been dedicated in perfecting his craft since he was in primary school.

He’s also a good cook, but that shouldn’t be hard to guess, considering he has his own cooking show.

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7.5/10 - Okay, at first I was pretty much disappointed that Yamapi chose this drama after the great Flowers for Algernon. im loving this drama even though it's just so stupid sometimes but still, im loving it! i love momoe-sensei and arthur-sensei couple, hihihi. I can understand what she talked about with Mokomichi. I think I understand the Japanese text better when he's talking to Junko in the classroom. It becomes my favorite dorama this year even though I just have watched 2 eps. @not really an otaku: in the manga, hoshikawa-san changed to a suit when he gave sakuraba the roses. wouldve been nice to see yamapi out of the monk clothes : D i find the manga quite "sleazy" (for lack of a better word lols). my post earlier did not appear :/ so i got really curious about the story and since i have not seen any subs for this jdorama, i read like the 1st 2 chapters of the manga and OMG! kyaaa~~~ to not really otaku: in the 1st chapter, hoshikawa-san changed to a suit when he gave her the roses!The plot made me go WTF couple of times but it was hilarious nonetheless. i'm always a Kdrama fan and very choosy watching Jdrama but this one is very nice and entertaining . Both good actors and both doing their best portraying their roles! btw, their english is quite decent except for yamapi, i can hardly understand him. I think Yama P is quiet bland in here, but despite that, he can act cute for staring like a kid. i was really curious about the story so i looked up the manga (since there has been no subbed version of this dorama so far) but OMG! i wished he did the same in the dorama, though i think the manga is way too, uhm, for lack of a better word, sleazy for me, haha. have not read the manga at all, and im just wondering if yamapi is going to be wearing those monk clothes the entire time?I really feel that this drama got better each episode and by the time it reached the ending, I ended up really loving it. Love the Shinto priest Yamapi,though sometimes he's kinda Annoying because of his stalking nature! he has to practice some more ❤❤❤ @Haelil W At least I can understand when Ishihara talks in English, means she have studied & practiced very well. Anyway, this is my first time watching Ishihara Satomi. monstar : "have not read the manga at all, and im just wondering if yamapi is going to be wearing those monk clothes the entire time? i want to see him wear something casual, hope soon.He said, “The dish I’ve been challenging myself to cook since I was in primary school is carbonara.Back then, I was in primary school so there wasn’t a lot of recipe books I could refer to or smartphones for me to search for recipes, so all I could do was try and try again until I could get the perfect flavour.” It took him more than half a year to perfect the dish.

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