Is delonte west dating lebron james mom

The sports gossip website is citing a source close to the Cleveland Cavaliers that Delonte West, who has always been quite odd, is having sex with Gloria James, the mom of Le Bron James.While this could very well just be a rumor, if it were true it could help explain why Le Bron James fizzled at the end of his NBA playoff run.I'm a Christian man." Since this is the only response to the rumor from anyone connected to it, we're going to take Delonte's word at face value.If you were curious as to the state of Gloria James' dating life, today is your lucky day.Here's former NBA player Delonte West -- looking worse for wear out in Houston earlier this week. the person who shot the photo is a huge basketball fan and said they noticed the former 1st round draft pick wandering around outside of a Jack in the Box around 10 PM all by himself with no shoes.When the fan approached him and asked, "Are you Delonte West?

In a 2012 interview, he told that Gloria James reminded him of his own mother and he thought the rumors were ridiculous. That's terrible in so many ways." During the interview with Sports West also talked about his desire to get back in the NBA, dealing with bipolar disorder and making his son his number one priority. Do you think Delonte West just admitted to allegedly sleeping with Le Bron James' mom?Going into the playoffs, Le Bron and the Cavs were once again favored to win it all.But the Cavs ran into the Boston Celtics in the second round and Cleveland fell apart.For photographic evidence, we head on over to Lambo's Instagram account, which houses a healthy amount of posts with the woman he affectionately refers to as "wifey" and one wherein he wears some Miami Heat championship bling.Here's one taken this month with the caption, "#concert However, from the looks of Lambo's feed, it's not exactly like he or Gloria James were trying to keep their romance a secret.

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