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Maloof, the profane, hot-tempered and big-hearted barkeep who rose from obscurity to head one of metro Atlanta's largest governments, died early Saturday. Maloof, who'd been admitted to the hospital multiple times in the past 16 years for complications from diabetes, had gone to the hospital a week ago, Elaine Nachman, a family friend, said. Known as "the godfather of the De Kalb Democratic Party," Mr.

The former De Kalb County Chief Executive Officer and Commission Chairman died at a.m. Maloof sometimes wrote personal checks to cover the party's expenses.

"— or worse — retorts to other elected officials seeking an audience or reporters wanting interviews with him. Maloof ruled a pair of unlikely domains: on the one hand as the Democratic chief executive officer of the 3 million-a-year De Kalb County government, and on the other as the principal owner of Manuel's Tavern on North Highland Avenue.

Maloof's death marks the passing of an era in Georgia politics before elected office-seekers became pasteurized by image consultants and focus groups. Maloof, who rarely wore a tie, was known for his public tirades and his "What the hell do you want?

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Hose and pump teams saturated what they could while other firefighters closed off sections of the warehouse to contain the blaze.

It wasn’t easy; the behemoth complex was virtually windowless, making it almost impossible for firefighters to direct water at the burning bales.

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